Consider pyramid P-ABCD whose base ABCD is square and whose vertex P is equidistant from A, B, C, and D. If AB=1 and 30 degrees = ∠APB , find the volume of the pyramid.


class Pyramid
factor n;
factor edge, bottom, slantHeight, height, volume, sideArea;
factor topAngle, slantAngle, bottomAngle;
TB tb;

tb.base.A = PI/n;
sideArea = 2*tb.front.area;
edge = tb.edge;
bottom = 2*tb.bottom;
slantHeight = tb.slantHeight;
height = tb.height;

topAngle = 2*tb.topAngle;
bottomAngle = tb.bottomAngle;
slantAngle = tb.slantAngle;

volume = 2*n*tb.volume;


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