Zove helps to find out the unknown values of geometry objects by inferencing from the known ones. For instance, the radius of a circle is given as 2, then what about the rest values, such as diameter, circumstances and area? Usually we need to find out the appropriate formulas and evaluates one after another consequentially.

With the aid of Zove, we can use the language Zoom to model the geometry shapes, and calculates the desired values via the given values. Just like described above, a circle can be modeled as follows:

class Circle
factor r,d,c,a;

d = 2*r;
c = 3.14*d;
a = 3.14*r^2;

To test the model, do the following:
1. Download this Geometry Class Library from the Release section;

2. Extract the file in C:\GeometryClassLibrary;

3. Download the Zove- from the Release section;

4. Extract the file in somewhere on your file system, say C:\Zove;

5. Add the path, e.g. C:\Zove, in system path;

6. Run Zove.Console.exe;

7. Now the program prints some copyright text, after that we can have a test now;

8. For instance, we have a circle with area of 5, to get the rest of the attributes, type "circle area=5" in the command line;

9. Program returns the following results:
Time spent: 00:00:00
a = 5
r = 1.26189
d = 2.52377
c = 7.92465

10. Type "exit" to quite.

The values were automatically evaluated by the system. For more complex situations, Zoom is able to describe in a object oriented manner, which can be find out in the Zoom language section of this wiki installation.

Thank you for using the program and hope it helps simplifying your life!

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